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TLS SHAPE UP for Tweens & Teens

TLS Shape Up is designed with kids, for kids. It teaches goal-setting and planning skills while instructing kids about the fundamentals of good nutrition and exercise. It helps kids and their families understand that their decisions today will affect them tomorrow. TLS Shape Up is not a one-time fix for a weight problem; it is a solution to a healthier life.

This program is not just about weight loss. It’s about grooming the next generation. It’s about grooming the family. We’re teaching so much more than weight loss with this program.

Through TLS Shape Up, children and their families can learn more about making healthy lifestyle choices, building positive self-image and understanding how our bodies respond and react to nutrition and exercise.

Primary Benefits Include:

TLS Shape Up with Annette Waters

With that in mind, the TLS Shape Up program has been designed to provide teenagers and tweens with the tools they need to not just lose weight, but make conscious decisions regarding overall health. These lessons are taught through the unique TLS Shape Up program, which includes the TLS Shape Up Starter Kit.

Vitality 4 Life - Kids Vitality Program

The TLS Shape Up Starter Kit Includes:


Each program is unique and targets various age ranges, group sizes and individual goals for the children who participate. These are tailored programs that are structured specifically for you child and are designed to produce results.

Because of this, we ask that you please contact us for more in depth details about this program so we may discuss with you how to design it to specifically meet your needs.


When it comes to our bodies, we want to make choices that have a positive impact on our health. But some of those decisions – eating the wrong foods, making certain lifestyle choices, even the way we exercise – could impact our body’s ability to maintain optimum health.

Even if we think we’re making the right choices, there are other factors that help determine our overall picture of health. When it comes to your health, the answers are in your genes. Your DNA tells a story: how you process foods, how you react to exercise, how your environment affects your body. The Gene SNP DNA Analysis offers insights into six major categories of weight and wellness.


Some genes show correlations between diet and exercise that can affect certain cardiovascular functions.


Specific genes correlate to the buildup of fat tissue in the body. How much a person weighs and how that fat tissue is distributed in the body depends largely on individual genetic makeup. Knowing this information provides a better assessment of what size and weight is realistic.


Certain genetic variations relate directly to food processing, such as how the body reacts to fat, protein and carbohydrates. These variations, as well as an individual’s eating habits, combine to give an overall picture of how an individual will react to certain food groups.


Our bodies are made up of two kinds of muscles: slow and fast twitch. Each individual’s genetics favor one over the other, and this information can direct the individual to the type of exercises he or she should employ to more effectively burn fat and help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Some genetic inclinations determine how easy or difficult it is to make good choices concerning foods. When an individual understands his or her genetic tendencies to cravings and food reactions, they can better manage situations where they may overeat.


Some genetic markers show gaps in a patient’s ability to process vitamins in a way that will maximize their ability to use them. Knowing where the deficiency is allows an individual to complement his or her diet with the best nutrients to help fill in the gaps. Many nutrients help directly in weight loss and the metabolism of fat.

The Gene SNP DNA Analysis combines your individual diet, lifestyle and environmental information and scientifically merges it with your genetic background. Then, it examines a wide variety of genes and SNPs to provide a Health Action Plan designed specifically for you based on your genetic profile. The Health Action Plan makes recommendations based on how your body metabolizes food, utilizes nutrients, removes toxins and responds to physical activity. By understanding how your genetic profile affects your well-being, and then providing practical suggestions that focus on your diet, nutrition, exercise and supplementation, the Gene SNP DNA Analysis will help you take charge of optimizing your wellness.

Primary Benefits of the Gene SNP DNA Analysis:

30 Day Jumpstart with Fit Focus Studio

30 Day JumpStart Program

Our 30-Day Jump-start Kit is designed to start your weight loss journey the right way. We know you want fast results without compromising flavor or satiety, and that is why this jump-start is just the place to start

The two phases will get you looking and feeling great in no time. 

Phase 1 is a cleanse — a fresh start that not only gently cleanses your digestive tract but helps curb your cravings for sweet, fatty, and salty foods while supporting your weight loss efforts and prepares you for Phase 2. 

Phase 2 – which is the fat-burning phase, will modify your food plan and add in exercise. This is where you really will see a loss of fat and inches by specifically targeting stubborn belly fat. 

The 30 Day Jumpstart is designed to help you lose 5-20 pounds in 30 days and/or to jump start a 12 week program.  Get started with your own personalized weight loss profile here:


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